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Personal shopping


At the Grape Exchange we take the guess work and mystery out of buying wine.  We can create a wine selection that matches your preference or help you expand your horizons to, gently, push the bounds of what you know.

Corporate and fundraising events


We can come to your offices and organize a custom tasting event to meet your needs

Gift Baskets


Whether you want to give a gift to a loved one, somebody at the office, or a friend, The Grape Exchange offers  a range of gift baskets to suit all tastes and pockets.

In-home tasting

You invite the guests, we’ll bring the wine, and tell you about the vineyards, grapes and wine regions the wine comes from.

A piece of the puzzle tasting


Where we explore the world of wine. This tasting is designed to teach you how to taste, how to buy wine, and how to pick out the characteristics you like in your wine. By the end of this tasting you are able to pick out the wines you like and describe those qualities like an artist paints a picture.

Rags to riches tasting


Is where you find out if it’s true when you say “I won’t be able to tell one wine from another”. We at the Grape Exchange don’t find this to be the truth. Taste wines from $10 – $50. Can you tell the difference when you don’t know which is which. Does the packaging give you a hint or maybe we taste them completely blind? Learn what really accounts for a better wine and a higher price.

Love my carpet tasting


If you have decided to invite the Grape Exchange to your home and have suddenly lost faith in your guest’s ability to keep the wine in there glass, the Grape Exchange will conduct a tasting of only white wines for your pleasure. Compare Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand to Sancerre, compare Pouilly Fuisse to California Chardonnay, Rieslings and Gewurztraminers. The wines will range from the sweetness of Moscato to the dryness of Pinot Blanc and oh by the way, they won’t stain your carpet

Generations testing


Compare today’s New World wines and Wineries to the Old World Wineries and wine production. How does the French style differ from Australia, how do wines from Italy and Spain compare to South Africa and the United States? What does Old World or New World mean and how does the style impact the wine. Did you know Chianti is Sangiovese or White Burgundy was Chardonnay? We will help open your eyes to the history of the Old World and the passion of the New World.