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We are proud to have been serving the New Rochelle community and its surrounding environs for 75 years and look forward to many more years of continued service.

Every wine we offer is tasted by our knowledgeable staff, flavor profiled, and rated for its overall value. We never know the actual price of the wine while tasting, instead we ask ourselves what we would be happy paying for the bottle as a customer. If the wine exceeds our strict criteria, which includes being an exceptional value, the wine is added to our collection. This process is the key to offering wines that drink well beyond their price.

The Grape Exchange staff are your personal tasters, and we are always on the lookout for the next great bottle. The world of wine is ever changing with new vineyards, improved techniques, new styles, and new blends. The Grape Exchange specializes in hard to find wines, highly allocated wines, and the smaller production wineries. In our opinion, these smaller vineyards have qualitatively better wine than most of the larger production vineyards and they have great stories behind them that you can find alongside most of our offerings.

The Grape Exchange also specializes in Single Malt Scotches and we treat them in the same manner – nothing enters our collection without first being tasted and profiled. We invite you to join our Rare & Select Scotch Clubhouse for monthly updates on our newest finds.

Mike Gee, owner

Mike Grossberg, Owner

After years of working in restaurants and for various wine importers in New York, Michael Grossberg found his true love to be wine and people. This passion is brought to the forefront in his shop which serves the community as both a place for connecting to other wine lovers as well as an educational and tasting venue